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The Film Smith hails from Hampshire and is now based in London. He makes films. People like them. If you need one, he can hand craft one for you too.

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  • The film is fantastic - you're always making it better than I thought possible

    — Greg Beardsell: Deputy Artistic Director National Youth Choirs Of Great Britain —
  • The Film Smith is always our number one choice for capturing the magic when we take on the challenge of representing our music with image

    —Skinny Lister—
  • The Film Smith is a creative filmmaker. He is also a nice guy and I am always pleased with the films he produces for me

    — DJ YODA —
  • I've worked on several film projects with The Film Smith and he's never short of fresh ideas, delivers quality results and always delivers with a smile. Basically, he's the man

    — Shlomo —



How may I help you today?

Whether you are looking for a promotional film, event showreel, corporate video or help with a project, The Film Smith can handcraft it for you.


+44 7879 476 189